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Natalia Lafourcade Returns to El Paso at Plaza Theatre

Natalia Lafourcade, the Mexican singer and songwriter originally from Veracruz, is returning to El Paso for the first time since releasing her latest album, Musas, on Columbia Records this past May.

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This is Lafourcade’s first time back to El Paso since her show at Speaking Rock September of 2016. Since then, he relates album has received critical acclaim. According to a press release from Sony Music, this album was a long time in the work and took Lafourcade through several countries including México, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Italy, Panamá, Spain, Chile, Perú y and the United States.

Julyssa Lopez from NPR Music said about one song, that it was “both a stunning eulogy and a nod to Latin American folk music, “Rocío De Todos Los Campos” reflects the traditional sounds that have inspired Lafourcade’s forthcoming album, Musas, on which she’s collaborated with acoustic guitar masters Los Macorinos.”

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Lafourcade will be performing at the Plaza Theatre for the first time.